Friday, 22 July 2016

kylie Cosmetic Lip Kit

So I’m Gonna Review The Super Hyped Kylie Lip Kit That Everyone Has Been Talking About….

I'm not really good with liquid lipsticks and I've only used this one Nyx matt lipstick that I own  besides kylie lip kit. but now I have finally realised how amazing liquid lipstick are, they are easy to apply and are more pigmented than the normal classic stick lipsticks, oh and they last way longer too.And for that reason alone I am now obsessed with liquid lipsticks.

when I got to know that kylie was launching her own line of lipsticks and glosses , I was just like meh.. but after looking at all those gorgeous pictures and watching review videos on youtube…out of curiosity, I just NEEDED to try one myself! 

I couldn't get my hands on the lip kit when it was released online the first few times,
It felt like purchasing a concert ticket… am I'm never the one with great luck when it comes to things like this. But eventually I did manage to get myself one and honestly the price is not to bad either.

I got Exposed which is a Nudey Warm Brown Shade, it goes perfectly with a casual look, but is also kinda a night time shade.
and I love it mostly cause it doesn't make me look vampire-ish with my pale skin..

The liquid lip stick is super creamy and easy to apply, it doesn't dry too quick and smells like food flavouring...and thats not my fav, so not too fond of how it smells.

#1Tip-DO NOT smack your lips together while its wet cause you're gonna end up with flaky chunky bit on your lip ~.~

After applying it my lips became super dry and flaky...more than usual and you could see the deep lines and dryness, which was a bummer.

#2Tip-Exfoliate and moisturise you'r lips before applying the lipstick.

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