Saturday, 30 July 2016

Hong Kong Disneyland

There isn't  a better way to start off this posts than stating the fact that I love Disneyland!
 No matter how many times you go to Disneyland its always going to be a… magical experience.

My first ever Disneyland experience was years ago and I almost cried with happiness as soon as I entered.The feeling was exactly the same this time too.

After some must-have snaps at the main disneyland gate and near the train station I finally decided to put the camera away and enjoy and get to the serious stuff.... the rides.

I couldn't decide where to go first so I planned smartly and grabbed some fast track passes to all the rides I really wanted to go to and while I was waiting I enjoyed exploring the souvenir shops and cafes, and DAMN I wanted to buy everything. 

Tip- Get fast track passes to avoid standing in line for hours… YES HOURS!


Disneyland is the happiest place on earth even when its raining and gloomy, which also meant that the night parade which i'd been waiting for all day wouldn't happen but I did watch the evening parade and it was MAGICAL.

 I went on almost every ride at the park, taking every little detail in. I took tons of pictures and declared that I would happily live at Disneyland, humming "Its A Small World" Song.


I hopped and skipped through the park and eventually after tons of mini shopping sprees I made my way to the space mountain rollercoaster.. the ride i was made for!
After a bite to eat I crept into a cruise and sailed through the mysterious forest where Tarzan lived.

(Oops the quality become terrible when i converted the video into a gif...sorry)


The day ended with fireworks at the Sleeping Beauty Castle and you can’t fail to feel a little nostalgic as you see the castle lit up with characters and fireworks.

What I'm Wearing -

Skirt- Myntra Top- Hnm Sandels- Hnm Hat- Hnm 
Backpack- forever 21 Necklace-Celestial Kitten

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